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Sponsor a Child

You have the opportunity to change a child’s life! We would like all children regardless of their family’s financial situation to be able to attend, but we are seeking your help. The school is already using its funds to support some children, but there are more who need assistance. This could not be more true than for those who either have no living parents and those who are partial-orphans, having lost their fathers. Since men provide the majority of the family’s income in this culture, the loss of a family’s head male figure may spell extreme poverty for the remaining family members. 

This is where you come in. With the gift of just $1.50 per day, you can sponsor a child, insuring that he or she is able to stay in school, recieves a good education, is well-fed, has a school uniform and recieves counseling and mentoring services. Your donation to keep a child in school reduces his or her risk of becoming a victim of domestic violence, of HIV/AIDS, and of child labour. Additionally to provide the child with hope for a brighter future and the possibility of breaking the cycle of poverty in a family.

Below are photos of a few children at Kimori Academy who need sponsors. PDFs of their profiles can be found below them.  To sponsor a child, please fill in the child sponsorship form below and email it to To submit payment click on the donate button on the following page "Donate" (found on the left-hand navigation bar).  Shortly after your donation has been received, you'll be contacted by the child you've assisted.

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